From industrial machinery to heavy equipment and production supplies, we import and produce a range of products with or without private and manufacturer labels. Our shipping containers are durable and equipped to transport even your most precious cargo. Here at ARQ, we ship what you need!


Looking to ship something?

What we do

ARQ offers the global package, we take care of everything.

We take ownership of the whole process. All you need to do is place your order.
We work hand in hand with a respected verifier to build relationships with certified and qualified suppliers.
We can manufacture any piece of machinery or equipment or any type of supply you need, with or without private and manufacturer labels.
We work hand in hand with a respected verifier that oversees quality control efforts and ensures that everyone involved adheres to the best practices and guidelines.
We keep detailed records of the operations and controls we perform.
We make sure that your order is safely transported from the factory to your desired destination.

How do we do it?

Our Process


Customer Needs

First, we work to understand the particulars of your goods and determine your unique shipping needs.


Approval and payment

Once a formal agreement is made, the first of three installments will be paid.


Production & Packaging

Your purchase order is then sent to the manufacturer where one of our trusted team members will ensure that your goods are produced and packaged under quality conditions. Meeting your standards is our priority.


Setting Sail

Your cargo safely arrives at the port in its country of origin. The journey begins with pre-boarding quality control check, and ARQ receives the bill of landing document.


Arrival to port

Your cargo arrives at the port in Ecuador and the last of three installments must be paid. We take care of the customs clearance, so you don’t have to worry.


Door Front Delivery

Your goods will be delivered to your desired location.


Here at AQR, we offer you

Door to door service

We’ll manage the entire production and packaging process, and we’ll make sure that your goods get from point A to point B.

Payment Method

First Installment


Project Initiation



First payment should

be made once both parts

agree and close the deal.

Second Installment


Shipment & Warranty



This payment guarantees

the bringing of your goods

on the ship

Third and Final Installment


EC Port at Delivery



When the last payment

is done we can deliver

your cargo to your door.

Payments to ARQ are made in three easy installments – the first is due upon the agreement of our terms, the second when your cargo is shipped, and once more when your goods reach the desired destination.

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